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This is where you can check for updates to our Wines on Tap, New Scotches and Signature Drinks!

As we add or switch out wines the menu will be updated –

Keep coming back and checking our wine list for new additions!


 Our dynamic wine list is a delicious combination of favorite varietals and the unique and interesting.

With the Napa Wine Machine system, you can taste something you haven’t before – and if you don’t like it…you don’t have to decide what to do with the rest of the bottle!



Our small plates menu features items specifically chosen to compliment our wine list.  As some wines pair extremely well with cheeses and meats, others are perfect with chocolates!

cheese meat          Stam

new menu December 2016

New Menu Items!!!!!


Not in the mood for wine?  Check out the our Martinis, Bartender’s top Ten,  Scotch and Beer lists!

DV-Ames Martini List

$6   Dirty Martini –Premium vodka or gin, extra olive juice and slightly dry

$6   007  –Gin,  & Vodka, Lillet Blanc  “Shaken Not Stirred”

$6  Cosmopolitan – Vodka, lemon, cranberry and attitude.

$6  The Stilleto – Bourbon, Amaretto, lemon juice & cherry

$6  Cucumber Mint Martini – Cucumber Vodka, Mint and Lime

$6  The  Crown Manhattan–Crown Royal Rye, Sweet Vermouth, bitters

$6  Classic –  Vodka or Gin, As dry as you like, with olives

$6  Iowa Gold Rush– Cedar Ridge Bourbon, Canton Ginger Liquor and lemon

$6  Iowa Manhattan —  Cedar Ridge Rye, Sweet Vermouth, bitters–

$6  Lemon Drop Martini –The Shot but bigger!

$6  The Prisoner – Canton Ginger, Bacardi, Pineapple & Lime

Bartenders’ Top Ten List

$6   Dirty Martini – Premium vodka or gin, extra olive juice and slightly dry

$6   Sangrita– Our famously delicious Margarita  with Sangria and Premium Tequila

$5  Jameson & Ginger – Pretty sure you know what this one is…

$6  Old Fashioned – Mad Men Style, Rye Whiskey, soda, bitters and a sugar cube!

$6  The Walker– Careful! RUM, don’t walk to get this 3 kinds of Rum…and fruit juices

$6  Cosmo Martini –Vodka, lemon, cranberry and attitude.

$7  Blood Orange Margarita – Patron and Solerno Blood Orange liquor

$6  Iowa Manhattan –  Cedar Ridge Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, bitters–

$6  Long Island  Iced Tea– It’s a classic, All premium, all the time!

$6  Lemon Drop Martini – The Shot…..but bigger!

scotch jan 2016

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