DV Club – NEW tastings!


Customer Appreciation Day!
You like us, you really, really like us!
And guess what, we like you too!
We would love to give back to you for all the support you’ve given us.  Join us Saturday August 27, 2016 – Free select wine tastings, exclusive coupons, and
Enjoy a complementary taste at the morning Main Street Farmer’s Market, sign up for free t-shirt and wine giveaways, relax for the afternoon inside our cozy bar, and hang with us all night long!


Appetizers / Charcuterie / Snacks always  included.  And don’t forget the prizes!!

Old World vs. New World…

Some of us have our preferences, and this could take up a whole Semester of studying!  We will take a look at how the same grapes can be both alike and different in two regions, exploring the differences and similarities across the ocean.  Light appetizers provided.

Date:  Monday,  9/19/2016

Time:  6pm

$$:  $25.00 per seat

Primeaux Fromage et Vino
Our Favorite Cheesemonger:
CJ is BACK and bringing an amazing selection of cheeses from the Cheese Shop in Des Moines.   Join us for a night of delicious cheese and wine pairings!

Date:  Wednesday,  10/12/2016

Time:  6pm

$$:  $30.00 per seat

To sign up for our classes, please call
(515) 232 0241
and reserve your seat (s)
or email: dellaviti.ames@gmail.com
Seats sell out very fast and are limited to keep the experience intimate so call and sign up today!



A reminder:  Please call or email with your seat reservation, we limit tickets so we have a more intimate enjoyable evening and spaces go fast!

(515) 232 0241  – there is no voicemail so please call back if we can’t get to the phone!




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